Artist Statement


About the Artist



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It’s the thrill of discovery. The “wow” of coming upon specks of paint and paper transformed into dazzling street-art...an awesome reflection...an image that resonates emotionally. Find it. Shoot it. Capture it forever.


As a child I dreamed of becoming an archeologist. I still love digging around old ruins and delight at each unique, centuries-old discovery — perhaps a pottery shard...a piece of broken glass...a bit of tile. These objects evoke a profound sense of closeness with the ancient people who created them.  

Photography helps me fulfill that same joy of spontaneous discovery. My camera will “seize the moment,” so I can metaphorically “dig” anywhere in the world. Inspired by the expressionist vision, I look for subjects that capture the power of brilliant color, form and texture.


The excitement for me as an artist is to create the most dynamic composition I can, then and there, through the camera’s eye...shooting a real-world image that morphs into abstraction or invites speculation about the subject. (I’ve been told that my work “bends the world.”)


My approach to photography is driven by rather “purist” objectives. I prefer not to manipulate, import or "paint" anything into the original photograph while editing. My goal is to keep the image true to what the camera lens saw at the moment that I snapped the shutter.


By interpreting the world around us in a non-traditional way I hope to spark an emotional reaction...perhaps raise a tingle of tension between illusion and reality...and ultimately, evoke a deeper artistic experience.